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I made my annual sojourn to beautiful Barcelona last week where everything at MWC 2019 was, of course, about The Internet of Things and Machine Learning - Its even possibile that I sampled some IoT enabled tapas that were flavor-enhanced through the use of Artifical Intelligence.  

And, while I jest, it seemed despite the plethora of new ideas for leveraging the promised power of 5G…

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This is going to be an unpopular post within the tech community, but,...   Whether looking at the high cost and increasing complexities of implementing (not to mention, effectively utilizing) the ubiquitous SaaS from CRM giant Salesforce, or the crazy idea that people outside the Bay Area bubble, or members of the exclusive club of Northeast-based Hamptons weekenders, can somehow justify a $1,000+ iPhone, it is clear we have reached a massive…

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Expanding businesses into a new country is a daunting task requiring detailed planning and a great deal of fortitude.  Invariably, entering a new geography will introduce a plethora of unexpected hurdles and costs that even the best stratetic thinkers could not have anticipated.  The obvious path for avoiding these pitfalls is to identify and develop an experienced channel partner based in your target geography to serve as a trusted…

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- Unique and compelling product - Check!

- Successful track record and strong revenue stream in home country - Check!

- Identified need and inferior competitive offerings in the United States - Check!

This is the obvious checklist most HRG clients step through before making the decision to attack the US market.  Of course, there are other key items such as identifying localized…

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