HRG Partners with Walsworth to Win VW Diesel Claims Administration Contract

By HRG Staff May 03, 2017 HRG Consulting

Harvest Resource Group partnered with Kansas City-based Walsworth Administration in November of 2016 to win a contract providing claims administrative services in support of Volkswagen Group of America's very public diesel emissions fraud suit settlement process.  "This was a huge project involving over a half million vehicles and a total of $22 billion in penalties and vehicle buyback provisions", explained HRG President, Beau Peters.  "We worked closely with VWGoA to address a massive backlog in vehicle owners' claims in order to meet strict DOJ mandates regarding claims processing turnaround times, and avoiding additional penalties for VW in the process."  

While the project started out focused exclusively on 2 liter vehicles, the contract was expanded in May of 2017 to include another 80,000 3 liter vehicles as the DOJ's suit against VW expanded.  At the height of the project, Walsworth Administration has had as many as 80 claims processors working across two daily shifts based at its Brookfield, Missouri operations center.  

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is expected to represent a significant area of growth for HRG moving forward.  And, while this first significant engagement is focused on a vehicle OEM recall-oriented program, the people and systems infrastructure HRG and Walsworth have put in place is designed to support a wide variety of BPO initiatives.