HRG Drives North America SuperWi-Fi™️ Technology Introduction

By HRG Staff January 02, 2020 HRG Consulting

Krysp Wireless, Inc. is North America’s newly named master distributor for Hong Kong-based Altai Technologies' SuperWi-Fi™️ product line.  Since 2007, Altai has delivered a product portfolio designed specifically for applications requiring extended range wifi coverage.   SuperWi-Fi™️ supports WiFi access for up to a mile and is deployed extensively around the world addressing a wide variety of expansive, outdoor and highly industrialized use cases.  After a great deal of success across Asia, EMEA, LATAM, Mexico and The Caribbean, Altai has partnered with HRG-client, Krysp Wireless, to drive increased awareness about this powerful technology and to scale distribution across the US and Canada.  Visit to learn more about SuperWi-Fi™️, or reach out to us at HRG at