A Bit of IoT & AI Overload at Mobile World Congress

By Beau Peters March 07, 2019 HRG Consulting

I made my annual sojourn to beautiful Barcelona last week where everything at MWC 2019 was, of course, about The Internet of Things and Machine Learning - Its even possibile that I sampled some IoT enabled tapas that were flavor-enhanced through the use of Artifical Intelligence.  

And, while I jest, it seemed despite the plethora of new ideas for leveraging the promised power of 5G, few concrete avenues to significant revenue were delivered - especially for the primary risk takers buidlng and investing in these high powered pipelines (aka the world's mobile carriers).  Of course, this is the cynic in me talking, but, as history tells us, the mobile industry participants will rise above the hype and continue to deliver amazing things for its billions of demanding subscribers around the globe - both human and otherwise.  

Personally, the conference was extremely productive and enlightening having met with the leadership of over 30 different companies seeking assistance with attacking the North American market.  I came away energized by the innovation, drive and commitment to growth shared by everyone with whom I met from a long and diverse list of countries - Israel, Finland, The UK, Spain, Sweden, France, Chile, India, Norway, Korea, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Taiwan, and Sri Lanka.  Of these companies, I expect to engage with many of them this year and beyond as their US-based growth catalsyt and am excited over the prospects for their collective future.

Thank you Barcelona for providing a warm and sunny backdrop for this year's conference and I look forward to returning for MWC 2020.