Knock, Knock SFO. Reality is Calling

By Beau Peters December 07, 2018 HRG Consulting

This is going to be an unpopular post within the tech community, but,...   Whether looking at the high cost and increasing complexities of implementing (not to mention, effectively utilizing) the ubiquitous SaaS from CRM giant Salesforce, or the crazy idea that people outside the Bay Area bubble, or members of the exclusive club of Northeast-based Hamptons weekenders, can somehow justify a $1,000+ iPhone, it is clear we have reached a massive economic chasm separating tech elites and the legions of venture and private equity players from anything representing a sense of reality.  

In my mind, this issue came to a head when Apple released its aforementioned $1,000 iPhone, which pointed to a stormy horizon for the world's most valuable company and its unequaled, perpetual success.  And, sure enough, as of this post Apple has lost a quarter of a trillion dollars in market cap in just the last two months.  Let me repeat that number...  One Quarter of a trillion dollars.   Oh, and Apple will no longer be stating unit sales volumes – interesting.  

Granted, Apple's business extends well beyond just iPhone sales and its cash on hand, like that of Salesforce and the rest of the FANG gang, mean this latest fiscal "bump in the road" will be absorbed like "flyover" territory folks handle the inconvenience of replacing a dead car battery.  However, like Jeff Bezos continually tells his employees... "Amazon will fail someday".  Remember Palm?  How about Blackberry, Napster or MySpace?  

Personally, I love Apple's products, their support and the overall customer experience, which is why I felt compelled to post this suggestion that Apple be careful to keep in touch with the world outside their shiny new spaceship and to avoid drinking too much of their own cool-aid, - or, in this case, spiked cider.