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The flying car...  Once an idea firmly implanted in the minds of most as a an inevitable reality has become a perennial joke - right up there with Dick Tracey's communicator watch.  Wait a minute,.. didn't Apple just introduce that product?  Okay, than how about the video phone.  errr...  That's right, Skype made that possible years ago.  Well, how about the vacuum cleaner that operates all by…

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First, it may sound sexist to assume that mostly women fill the role of office administrator, but the fact is that the vast majority of office administrators are female - Most likely a hold over cultural phenomenon from when women served as "secretaries" with the more accomplished of the bunch migrating over time into more significant administrative roles.  With that disclaimer in place, what is the point here...   Well…

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That's me,...  the blurred out gray haired guy in the background.  Not sure why I look so sullen because it was one of the happiest moments in my life - walking my beautiful daughter down the isle to marry a fantastic young man - what could be better?  

Maybe it was everyting that was swimming through my head at the time.  Memories of the day she came…

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HR professionals will tell you that employee matters can vary from truly unbelievable to extremely bizarre - here is one for the record books.  A client recently had an employee slip, fall and claim an injury occurred.  She then insisted the accident occurred, not because of an unsafe work place, but rather, because another employee had used black magic to place a curse on her. …

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