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You have never been more proud of the company you have built and the team you have assembled.  Your technology is a true game changer and the company is growing fast.  Of course, with growth comes increased revenue expectations, and continued success requires attacking new geographies.  The US is your top priority given the significant opportunity it represents, but the capital, effort…

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HRG enters its 18th year with the introduction of a new Strategic Marketing Consulting Practice designed to compliment its expertise in sales and business development while making certain clients' messaging is aligned with new market expansion initiatives.  Click here to learn more about this new addition to HRG's suite of services. 

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Expanding businesses into a new country is a daunting task requiring detailed planning and a great deal of fortitude.  Invariably, entering a new geography will introduce a plethora of unexpected hurdles and costs that even the best stratetic thinkers could not have anticipated.  The obvious path for avoiding these pitfalls is to identify and develop an experienced channel partner based in your target geography to serve as a trusted…

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2018 is fast approaching and budgets are likely set for everything from printer paper to headcount and everything in between.  For companies planning to expand into new markets the costs and time to be invested can be overwhelming and almost always exceed expectations.  HRG clients leverage our experience and market knowledge for expansion into North American knowing their costs are minimized and always on budget.  

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